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JustinTime Studios

JustinTime Studios

Noah's Main WorldNoah’s Ark: Dash ‘n Splash  –   IOS / Android  / Universal Windows App (PC : Microsoft Store) 

Run, Jump, Chop, Collect, Find, & Solve Puzzles in this 3D Adventure with Noah to Hurry and save the Human Race, The Animals, and The World!

Blending elements of a 3D Platformer, Puzzles, Endless Runner Style Quests, and more, you gotta play it to see it!

Tar Pit Area w TitleTree Chops
Ark w Open Door









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Noah’s Veggie Run:
Noah needs to collect veggies for all the animals to eat in the ark before the rain falls!

1Avoid the wild animals, collect ancient stone tablet fragments
to put together and discover timeless truths, when Noah rests.








Speckz – A 3D Match-3 Card Trading Game – Designed and Developed for a 3rd Party Company: 4Rogue Media

l3     Main Screen GUI     l9




2017-10-31 1280x720 PNG 1



A game for those times when you’re feeling Lazy, Bored, or Just wannna get Rich!

Get Lazy, Bored, or RichPlay Here



Tilt-A-Cube: Origins

It’s a 6-sided Cube with “Labrynth-like” puzzles on each side.

The object of the game will stay true to the original.  Play Here

Can you bring the ball to the end of the maze without getting sucked into the whirlpools?



Math Hard No!

mhn circle logo       Screenshot_2018-08-21-00-13-30       Screenshot_2018-08-21-00-14-02     Screenshot_2018-08-21-00-14-13


Quad King 2

Screenshot (116) Screenshot (35)

Talk about awesome jumps and scary, huge levels to ride through!

Quad King 2 was a blast to Design, Develop, and Release for the BitofGame company.

See and Play it here!



Quad King 1

Screenshot (23) Screenshot (29)

Designed and Developed for a 3rd Party Company: BitOfGame

It’s Hard &  Fun too! Play it here!


X’s & O’s


It’s the classic game of X’s & O’s for two players! Just run Setup, and install it, then you can play!

Download & Play it! – Zip File – Size: 1.94MB